Cotterless BB axle spanner(#769)
common name "Peanuts Butter" spanner

Cone wrench(#Q)
1950s-1960s. The size is the reverse of left and right.

Gear wrenches(#97)
1950-early 1960s.  2 type(7*9mm / 7*11mm)

T-wrenches(#143/2) T-wrenches(#143/1)
The Top:1980s  engraved "BREV.CAMP." Large letters.
The Bottom is 1970s. engraved "BREV.CAMP." Small letters.
Both are 1950s.  Open(horse shoe shaped) "C"
The Top is engraved "BREV゜.CAMPA."
The Bottom is engrved "BREV.CAMPA."

Both are 1950s.  Open(horse shoes shaped)"C".
2 Type(Short & Long). engraved "BREV.゜CAMP."
Long type has 2 difference. normal(closed)"C" is 1960s??.

Wheel dish tool(#N)
open(horse shoe shaped)"C"

Headsets pin spanner(#772)
hard to find.

Box wrench wooded handle
early 1950s. Ultra rare. I have ever seen 2 only. One is mine and other is my friend's.